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There are many reasons why people may prefer a smaller bell tent to a larger one. For example, smaller bell tents are less expensive than larger ones. Also, since they are lightweight, they are relatively easier to carry around. However, some downsides to smaller tents are:

They cannot accommodate a large number of people. A 3m tent may only be able to accommodate 2 people

They limit your ability to customize. Less space means you have to be really picky about what you put in the tent or your tent is going to get really stuffy.

However, small bell tents still offer a great camping experience so long they are good. One thing you have to look out for when getting a bell tent is the material. These materials could be 100% cotton to polyester, polycotton, and oxford cotton. Polyesters are lighter and are easier to carry and polycotton requires less care than pure cotton. However, polycotton is more expensive and polyesters are less breathable than cotton and do not have a natural look. In essence, each material has its pros and cons.

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