Purple Bell Tent

Bell tent hire Sussex
Bell tents Sussex

Our stunning purple bell tents come in various sizes-small, medium, large, extra-large, and emperor ranges. We sell and rent out purple bell tents for camping, entertaining, lounging, and accommodation. We also have an elegant bridal suite bell tent.

Our purple bell tents are not only fantastic but they are also versatile, unique, and great for any kind of weather conditions. We are passionate about your outdoor events and will give your events the WOW factor. ​

All of our tents are well-designed in such a way that they give you greater comfort, convenience, and larger camping accommodation space just the way you like it.  Our purple bell tent comes in different glamping style that will surely meet your high expectations.

If you are renting the purple bell tent from us, there are just a few things we need to set up our tent. We need sufficient open space and a peg-friendly ground. However, we can actually pitch our tent on anywhere as long as there is plenty of space to accommodate the tent – on concrete floors or even indoors. Mind you, we don’t use ugly weights or make damaging modifications to the ground to pitch our purple bell tent.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish, and luxury purple bell tent you’ve come to the right place! Contact us today and we will offer you the perfect tent for your camping! Call us on 0794 003 0154 or 0738 351 7608 or email on info@prestigebelltents.co.uk.

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If you are planning an event and want to glam it up with furnished tents and other related inclusions call our team at PRESTIGE BELL TENTS and we will make your event memorable and special for you.

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