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Bell tents Sussex

A polycotton bell tent is made of polyester and natural cotton. The tents retain the natural look and a feel of the cotton canvas, but they don’t need much care like the canvas cotton tent.

The tents are pretty and are not a cheap option. They require much care than modern polyester bell tents. Fortunately, they are resistant to mildew and mould.

They dry quickly, and colour holds better on the polycotton tents when compared to the cotton canvas tents.     

You can get all the good qualities of cotton in these bell tents. They also have their downsides, too, but the polyester in the tent makes them resistant to mould and mildew compared to the canvas or pure cotton tents. The polyester also reduces the risk of rips.

Polyester is man-made and is cheaper to produce. When the two materials are blended, you get the polycotton material. The material will let you have some breathability, reducing the properties and benefits of having a cotton tent.

Prestige polycotton tents are lighter than the cotton bell tents, making them relatively cheap.

Our tents are of high quality and relatively cheap. You can check our website or call us to get your polycotton poly tent.

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