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Bell tent hire Sussex
Bell tents Sussex

If you want to go camping without being homesick; then hiring a canvas bell tent may be the best option for you. A canvas bell tent combines the thrill of outdoor camping and the comfort of your home. It is a home away from home. Canvas bell tents can also be used for other things such as hosting guests at outdoor events and meetings. It is basically a home away from home.

At Prestige bell tents we offer you a way to meet all your accommodation needs while you have fun. Our tents give you a similar level of comfort to what you get in a well-furnished house. You can save much on the cost of hotels by renting our bell tents. The tents are well-furnished and exquisite and one tent can host up to six guests. At Prestige bell tents, we have a “no surprise” policy; we disclose all our charges upfront and there are no hidden charges. What you see is what you get. With our services, you can say goodbye to the hassles that come along with booking accommodations for events and enjoy the show.

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If you are planning an event and want to glam it up with furnished tents and other related inclusions call our team at PRESTIGE BELL TENTS and we will make your event memorable and special for you.

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