Boutique Camping Bell Tent

Bell tent hire Sussex
Bell tents Sussex

We rent out 2m and 3m boutique camping bell tents that fit perfectly for solo campers or couples while our 4m boutique camping bell tents are perfect for small families who want comfortable and glamorous camping.

However, if you want a larger living space that can accommodate your luggage and camp furniture, you might do yourself more good by choosing a little bigger camping bell tent, like our 5m tents, which are usually very perfect for camping for a family of 4.

Our 5m boutique camping bell tent provides you with additional space to set up camp furniture and even a camp kitchen if you desire one. This makes this size the most popular bell tent choice for large families.

If you have a larger family of up to eight adults, our 6m Bell tents are great options for you to sleep comfortably.  The 6m boutique camping bell tents have sufficient space to offer you a luxurious glamping experience.

Our 7m and 8m boutique camping bell tent are perfect and large enough to comfortably seat and accommodate large groups of over 20 people. Are you still unsure which bell tent size is right for you? Contact us today and we will offer you the perfect tent for your camping! Call us on 0794 003 0154 or 0738 351 7608 or email on

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If you are planning an event and want to glam it up with furnished tents and other related inclusions call our team at PRESTIGE BELL TENTS and we will make your event memorable and special for you.

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