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Bell tent hire Sussex
Bell tents Sussex

So, you have decided to get a bell tent for yourself, or you want to rent one for a large event or festival you are hosting, but you want the best. We are here to help you out. When getting a bell tent, five things you should look out for are:

Easy to set up: camping does not have to be difficult. A great bell tent should be easy to set up even for a dummy. If it takes you more than an hour to set up a tent alone, then you are carrying a burden; not a tent.

Spacious: your tent has to have a lot of space. More space helps you accommodate more guests, prevents your tent from getting crammed up, and gives you more freedom to customize your tents

Breathable and bug-proof: your tent should be able to let the air in and keep the bugs out.

Great flooring: great tents should have great flooring that protects you from mud, rocks and sticks without the need for a tarp.

Durability: nature is tough, but the best bell tents are tougher. A tent should be able to withstand tough winds and rainstorms.

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