Bell tent hire in Kent

Our team at PRESTIGE BELL TENTS has an in-depth of knowledge, experience and understanding; what makes each and every event of our client, more memorable and special. Our bell tents are one of the best ways for glamping events or occasions. Our bell tents are not only luxurious and beautiful but they are hardy, waterproof and reliable. If you are planning your event and looking for Bell tent hire in Kent, you can contact our team at PRESTIGE BELL TENTS and we will take care of everything for you from the complete installation and maintenance of it. And all you need is to enjoy and make the most out of it.

Bell tent hire in Kent

We provide versatile services:

PRESTIGE BELL TENTS has been providing their services in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. If you are an adventurous person or want to have luxury and quality to your events; then our Bell tent hire in Kent will be the right choice for you. Our services are versatile and we have been providing our services for:

  • Weddings
  • Musical festivals
  • Corporate retreats
  • Private events and other

No matter where your imagination takes you our team at PRESTIGE BELL TENTS will provide you the experience you might be looking for. We have been providing our services for the wedding events and corporate private events, and the clients that we have worked with were amazed by the experience they had. We have been recommended to their friends and family members for similar types of glamping events due to the exceptional services we have been providing to our client.

Furnished bell tents:

Our bell tent hire in Kent come with all furnished items that you might need to make the moment memorable for yourself, for your family and for your friends. You can adjust and include the items that you may require in your furnished bell tent the list is as follow:

  • Beds
  • Heaters
  • Pillows, bed sheets and blankets
  • Bath towels
  • Chairs as per need and requested
  • Led lanterns or lights
  • Indoors and out doormats
  • As per your occasion and event, we do provide decorative bunting
  • Board games and magazines
  • Power points (might vary from location to location)

Do you need bell tent services? Call us and bell tent hire in Kent for your private party, wedding or any special event. Visit or book here @ 07940030154.

Organizing an Event:

If you are planning to try something new for your next dinner party, then PRESTIGE BELL TENTS is the right choice for you. Glamping up your event is fun and yet relaxing and will leave beautiful memories to cherish. We have organized glamping events even in our client’s backyard. No matter how big or small your event might be we have the required resource and sources to make your events special. We can make your dinner party or any event a real success. We will deliver all the necessities like lighting, tables, chairs, and even your table linens along with your bell tents. Even if you don’t have any experience of glamping events, you can leave all your worries on us and we will suggest how to keep your guests comfortable and relaxed with fans to keep the air moving and to keep pesky mosquitoes away. With our bell tent hire in Kent we will provide you with the experience, that all of your guests can’t stop talking about. From standard to luxury furnished bell tents with a vast range of solutions and innovative ideas to make your next event, glamping event unforgettable.

To book you event with PRESTIGE BELL TENTS contact us today and we will help your glamping event to be successful, memorable and enjoyable.

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